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The Burlap Earring Holder

When I found a great earring holder tutorial at Positively Splendid,  I knew immediately that BoBegan would love to have something similar.  I happen to have found a double 5 x 7 frame during one of my Tuesday morning forays to the local Goodwill, where I get a 25% discount for having lived this long.  

Materials used and associated cost:

Frame from Goodwill - already on hand         

Burlap – already on hand

Spa Blue Craft Paint – already on hand

Burnt Umber Craft Paint – already on hand

M stencil and Quatrefoil stencil made using my electronic die cutter Make the Cut ™ software on clear contact paper

Staple gun – already on hand

Glue gun and glue stick to attach the burlap rose to the frame

Fray Chek - approximately $3 at my local W-M

Since I had already purchased the double frame, I only had to buy the Fray Check to put this holder together.  I likely could have done without the Fray Check, but I didn't want to take a chance on major ravelling of the burlap.

BoBegan is very happy with it and plans to take it back to Idaho in September when she begins her final semester. 

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